Stormwater Appeals Board


Williamson County created the Stormwater Appeals Board to hear and decide appeals, or grant waivers, to the Williamson County Stormwater Management Regulations. Appeals can involve notices of violation, assessment of penalties, activities in our Waterway Natural Areas, and other issues.

The board is appointed by the County Mayor and consists of seven members for the community representing specific sectors as follows:
  • Agriculture Residential or Commercial Development
  • Board of County Commissioners
  • Building Contractors
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Professionals
  • Home Owners Associations

The Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month as needed.

2017 Stormwater Appeals Board Schedule of Meetings
Visit the archive center to retrieve copies of the Stormwater Appeals Board agendas & minutes.

Stormwater By-laws

2015 Stormwater Appeals Schedule

Stormwater Appeals Schedule 
Meeting and Deadline Schedule