Christmas Tree Recycling
  • Williamson County Convenience Centers have year-round bins for clean yard waste. After removing all decorations, nails and tinsel, trees can be taken by Williamson County residents to any county convenience center where it will become mulch.
  • The cities of Franklin, Fairview and Brentwood have scheduled tree drop-off locations at local parks.
  • City of Franklin residents may also recycle trees with the Blue Bag curbside recycling program.

Click here for more information including dates and locations where you can recycle your Christmas tree.

Gift Wrapping Paper
  • Gift wrapping paper, excluding foil paper, can be recycled with mixed paper at any Williamson County convenience center.
  • Please remove bows, tape, and stickers before recycling. 
  • Foil wrapping paper is not recyclable.


Cardboard Boxes


Holiday Greeting Cards
  • St. Jude's Ranch for Children has a year-round card recycling program where holiday, birthday, and thank you cards are remade into a new card as a fundraising project to benefit the hospital. Click here to learn more about this reuse program.
  • You can also recycle your holiday cards as mixed paper at any Williamson County convenience center as long as cards are without any non-paper embellishments like foil or ribbon.



Foam Packing Peanuts

Foam packing peanuts are reusable products. Many UPS stores in Williamson County accept and reuse packing peanuts. Please call ahead.

White Block Foam

White block Styrofoam can be taken to EFP Corporation. Click here for location and more information.

Holiday ReUse Tips
  1. Consider saving and reusing gift wrapping paper and tissue that is not badly torn. Torn paper can be cut up and used for crafts.
  2. Cardboard boxes can be covered and used as decorative storage or used to pack and ship items.
  3. When holiday shopping for gifts or food, remember to carry reusable bags to avoid unnecessary shopping bags. 
  4. Remember to store food leftovers in reusable containers and avoid plastic wrap, bags and foil.
  5. Serve guests food with washable and reusable dishware, rather than disposable plates and cutlery.