Fitness Requirements

Physical Fitness Level Requirements

In order to give the students a general idea of the fitness level required to participate in the Equalizer student course, they may grade themselves on this scale from 1-10. A grade of 1 would signify an individual who can walk, sit or drive a vehicle. A grade of 5 would signify an individual who can attend an aerobics class or go jogging for 20 minutes. A grade of 10 would signify an individual who is in superior physical condition. It is recommended that a student see a doctor before engaging in any physical self defense activity. Listed next are the subjects covered and the fitness level required for each phase. 

Phases & Subjects Covered

Fitness Level Needed:1
1.Facts about violence against women, rape/sexual assault and stalking.
2.The effects of rape/sexual assault.
3. What to do if you or someone you know becomes a victim of rape/sexual assault or stalking and who can help.
4. Recognizing potentially violent situations and people.
5. Reducing the risk of becoming a victim of rape/sexual assault.
6. How to resist a physical assault.
7. Defensive striking

Phase: Two
Fitness Level Needed :2
Common grab defense

Fitness Level Needed:5
1. Rear head-lock defense
2. Bear hug defenses
3. Striking and knife defense

Phase: Four
Fitness Level Needed:7
Ground Escapes