Other Programs & Services

Vital Records

Birth and death information in the county is collected and sent to the State 
of Tennessee, Office of Vital Records. Copies of death certificates are issued
 upon request. Please note you must go to the county where the death 
occurred to obtain a copy of a death certificate. To expedite your request 
for a death certificate in Williamson County, please print and complete the 
application for death certificate (EnglishSpanish)  and bring with you to the
 health department. 

Certified copies of birth certificates for persons born in the state of Tennessee
 – in 1949 or after – may be requested from any local health department in 
Tennessee. To expedite your request for a birth certificate, please print and
 complete the application for birth certificate (EnglishSpanish) and bring with 
you to the health department.

Health Education

Health educators provide a variety of health education services to clients, 
healthcare professionals, schools, staff, and the community. Health educators
 coordinate activities and presentations that focus attention on health topics 
and lifestyle choices that will result in positive differences for county residents.

Health topics and programs may include:
• Chronic Disease and Diabetes Self-Management courses 
• Falls prevention for senior citizens
Gold Sneaker training for day care centers
• Pre-natal classes
• STD presentations
• Tobacco education
• Walk Across Williamson
• AND more…

For more information or, to request a presentation or program, 
call (615) 465-5355 or 465-5350.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

The health department provides FREE confidential testing and treatment for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV. Contact follow-up is conducted to avoid any further spread of disease.

Tuberculosis (TB) Control

Diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of tuberculosis patients and contacts are provided. Medication, when needed, is available at the health department.