Comprehensive Traffic Strategy

Comprehensive Traffic Strategy For The Unincorporated County

Overview of Project

Traffic congestion within Williamson County as a whole continues to worsen due to rapid population and employment growth in the area. While this growth is primarily occurring within the various municipalities located in the County, many roadways in the unincorporated County are also experiencing increased traffic volumes and congestion as a result of the growth that is taking place – both regionally as well as within the unincorporated areas of the County.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the problem of increased traffic congestion on County roadways.  These factors include the following: 

  • Pass-through traffic from regional growth;
  • Growth within the unincorporated county;
  • Lack of funding for needed roadway improvements; and
  • Limitations of regulatory tools

To address these issues, the County has hired the consulting firms AECOM and McBride Dale Clarion to lead an effort that will:

  • Evaluate current traffic conditions in the unincorporated County; and
  • Project future traffic conditions in the unincorporated County; and
  • Develop a Comprehensive set of strategies (capital improvements, funding, land use, regulatory, etc.) for managing traffic in the unincorporated County in the best way possible

Public Involvement

The creation of this Comprehensive Traffic Strategy for the unincorporated County will include opportunities for public comment. Two community meetings were held during the first week of November. These meetings were designed to provide information to the public regarding the various factors that impact traffic in the unincorporated County and to solicit input from the public regarding traffic issues


Please click the link below to view a slightly abbreviated version of the PowerPoint presentation

Powerpoint Presentation

Please click the following links to take two surveys regarding traffic issues

Driving Behavior Survey  

Comprehensive Traffic Strategy Survey