Health Department Staff

The Williamson County Health Department is staffed by dedicated and caring public health professions committed to improving the health and prosperity of the residents of Williamson County through promotion of healthy living, prevention of preventable sickness, disease and injury and improving the overall quality of living.
HD2 Team

Staff Directory

Position Name Contact
County Health Director Cathy Montgomery 615-794-1542
Physician Dr. Mohammed Hossain, MD 615-794-1542
Physician Dr. Natasha Siffrard, MD 615-794-1542
(Regional Physician)
Dr. Alison Asaro, MD 615-650-7059
Dentist Dr. Paul Moeller, DDS 615-794-1542
Nurse Practitioner
(Fairview Clinic)
Erin Thayer, MSN, NP-C 615-799-2389
Office Supervisor
(Franklin Clinic)
Tammy Mangrum 615-465-5359
Office Supervisor
(Fairview Clinic)
Lisa Savage 615-799-2389
Nursing Supervisor
(Franklin Clinic)

Nursing Supervisor
(Fairview Clinic)
Lewis Stubbs, RN 615-799-2389
Nursing Supervisor

Lauren Schuster, RN, BSN 615-794-1542
Public Health Educator Lyndsey Wilhelm 615-465-5350

Public Health Educator Brittany Laborde, CHES 615-465-5355
Disease Intervention Specialist Tiffany Rugless 615-465-5315
CHANT Coordinator Crystal Nall 615-465-5335
CHANT Coordinator Peggy Phillips 615-465-5348
Nutritionist / Registered Dietician Cathy Boeklen, RD, LDN, CLC 615-794-1542
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor VACANT

Nurse Heather Beason, RN 615-794-1542
Nurse Felicia Lee, RN 615-794-1542
Nurse Nannette Price-Butler, RN 615-794-1542
Nurse Schyler Gibbs, LPN 615-794-1542

Nurse Nicole Keith 615-794-1542

Nurse Katie Jones, RN 615-794-1542

(Fairview Clinic)
Lorena Lincoln, RN 615-799-2389
(Fairview Clinic)
Jan Russell, RN 615-799-2389
Nursing Assistant Kristin Wise 615-794-1542
Referral Clerk Jamie Smith 615-465-5345
Dental Assistant Toni Henley 615-465-5334
Office Assistant Brenda Jones 615-794-1542
Office Assistant Brenda Jenkins 615-794-1542
Office Assistant Lilia Marmol 615-794-1542
Office Assistant Veena Hiremath 615-794-1542
Office Assistant
Vital Records
Oletha Boyd 615-794-1542
Office Assistant Lisa Savage 615-794-1542
Office Assistant
& Medical Interpreter
Carolina Tabares 615-794-1542
Office Assistant
& Medical Interpreter
Yolanda Pineda 615-794-1542
Medical Interpreter Maggie Cuccia 615-794-1542
Medical Interpreter Miriam Rodriquez 615-794-1542
Facilities Maintenance Jesus Gordillo 615-794-1542

Environmental Health Supervisor Mel Haas 615-791-5110
Environmental Health Specialist Jeff Hill 615-791-5112
Environmental Health Specialist Alison Bowman 615-791-5113
Environmental Health Specialist Keith Filson 615-791-5111
Environmental Health Specialist Tabatha Carter 615-790-5444