Planning Commission


The Williamson County Planning Commission is comprised of 12 members appointed by the Board of Commissioners. They meet at 5:30 pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month to consider requests for rezoning, amendments to the Williamson County Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations, Conditional Uses, and various site plan and plat approvals. 

Plats, site plans and requests must meet all applicable requirements of the Williamson County Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.

The Williamson County Planning Department prepares the monthly agenda and maintains records of the Planning Commission proceedings.

2018 Schedule of Planning Commission Meetings
2019 Schedule of Planning Commission Meetings

Agendas & Minutes


The County Planning Commission's duty is to recommend to the County Board of Commissioners the boundaries of the various original districts and appropriate regulations and restrictions to be enforced therein. The Planning Commission shall:
  1. Prepare preliminary reports and hold public hearings thereon before submitting a final report. The Board of Commissioners shall not hold its public hearings or take action until it has received the final report of the Planning Commission
  2. After the adoption of such regulations, restrictions, and boundaries of districts, the Planning Commission may recommend to the County Board of Commissioners amendments, supplements, changes, or modifications.

Written Communication  

Members of the County Planning Commission may be reached directly by emailing  All Commission members will automatically receive a copy of any email sent to this address.  Alternatively, written materials provided to the Planning Department by the deadline noted below will be forwarded to all Commission members.

Deadlines for Comment

In order to provide information to the Planning Commission in a timely manner, all written materials of any kind must be received no later than 12:00 p.m./Noon, two (2) days prior to the meeting date. Materials provided after this established cutoff time will not be eligible for consideration.

Public Hearings

Items requiring a public hearing will be allotted a total of thirty (30) minutes for each public hearing item. Each speaker addressing the Planning Commission during a public hearing shall be allotted a maximum of three (3) minutes each, with some instances being less, dependent upon the number of speakers who have signed up to speak. For those wishing to participate in the public hearing process, a sign up sheet will be available thirty minutes prior to the start of the meeting (5:00 P.M). Those wishing to speak will be required to sign up prior to the start of the meeting (5:30 P.M). The sign in sheet will be picked up promptly at 5:30 P.M


  • John Lackey, Chairman
        Term expires: March 2019
        9030 Split Log Rd.
        Brentwood, TN 37027
  • Bryan Richter
        Term expires: March 2020
        1364 Caroline Circle
        Franklin, TN 37064
  • Don Crohan
        Term expires: March 2020
        7199 Bahne Rd.
        Fairview, TN 37062     
  • Jack Walton 
        Duration of Office (County Commissioner)
        2058 Hunterwood Dr.
        Brentwood, TN 37069
  • Eddie Sanders
        Term expires: March 2020
        1495 Coleman Rd.
        Franklin, TN 37064
  • Holli Givens 
        Term expires: March 2021
        3732 Robinson Rd.
        Thompson's Station, TN 37179
  • Stephen C. Lane 
        Term expires: March 2021 
        Smith, Seckman & Reid
        2995 Sidco Drive
        Nashville, TN 37204
  • Robin Baldree 
        Term expires: March 2022
        6300 Arno Rd.
        Franklin, TN 37064
  • Pete Mosley 
        Term expires: March 2021
        9627 Clovercroft Rd.
        Nolensville, TN 37135
  • Sammie McCoy
        Term expires: March 2019
        8 Cadillac Drive, Suite 250
        Brentwood, TN 37027
  • Paul Pratt Jr 
        Term expires: March 2021
        3228 Baker Ln.
        Franklin, TN 37064