County Mayor


The Tennessee Constitution provides for the election of an executive officer, which is referred to as the County Mayor, in each county.

The County Mayor is elected by popular vote at the regular August election every four years, coinciding with the Governor's election, and may serve an unlimited number of terms.

The County Mayor, formerly County Executive, is Chief Executive Officer of the county. The County Mayor exercises a role of leadership in county government and is responsible for the county's fiscal management and other executive functions. 

Duties & Powers

The County Mayor is the general agent of the county and thus may draw warrants upon the General Fund. The County Mayor has custody of county property not placed with other officers, and may also examine the accounts of county officers.

The County Mayor is a nonvoting ex-officio member of the County Commission and of all its committees, and may be elected chairman of the county legislative body, which is a post that the County Mayor is not required to seek or accept. The County Mayor may call special meetings of the County Commission.

Unless an optional general law or private act provides otherwise, the County Mayor compiles a budget for all county departments, offices, and agencies, which is presented to the County Commission. 

County Financial Rating

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