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To provide quality local programming showcasing the people, places, and events within the Williamson County government and school system, while at the same time serving as a valuable training resource for students interested in media production
WC-TV Staff
Creed Henderson
Creed Henderson: WC-TV Director
As Department Director for WC-TV, Creed is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the TV Studio. He records, directs and edits a variety of programs and shows and also serves as the WC-TV.net webmaster and social media administrator.  Creed enjoys being part of the training and education that WC-TV provides for our high school and college interns. The future is bright for WC–TV and Creed is proud to be a part of what is happening there.
Heather Deaton
Heather Rose: Video Production
Heather has worked with WC-TV since 2002. She records and edits programs as well as assists with the scheduling of events and the coordination of interns. Heather is responsible for the slideshow that plays between programming and she also directs the live broadcast of the monthly Planning Commission meeting.
Lance West
Lance West: Sports Director
Lance is a former WC-TV High School intern who now works as the WC-TV Sports Director.  In addition to the "Game of the Week" sports productions, Lance is also responsible for our "Pets of the Week" videos from the Williamson County Animal Center.  He also directs, records and edits a variety of other shows and programs for WC-TV. 
Michael Hutchison
Michael Hutchison - Technical Producer
Michael started working for WC-TV as an intern in October of 2015. Due to his commitment to excellence and hard work, he was promoted to the position of "WC-TV Chief Intern" in March of 2017. Then, In August of the same year, Michael took another step and officially joined the staff as our Part Time Video Production Assistant. Most recently, In 2021, Michael became our newest Full Time WC-TV employee. 

WC-TV Interns
Christian Dunham
Christian Dunham - WC-TV Intern
Christian started working for WC-TV in May of 2018. He graduated from Independence in 2020, and currently attends Middle Tennessee State University.
Gavin Dunham
Gavin Duham - WC-TV Intern
Gavin started working for WC-TV in May of 2019. He graduated from Independence in 2020, and currently attends Western Kentucky University.
Madison Cooper

Madison Cooper - WC-TV Intern
Madison started working for WC-TV in June of 2021. She goes to Centennial and will graduate in 2021.

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