Property Tax Rates 

Tax Rates
Tax rates for Williamson County and each city or town within Williamson County are set each year by their respective legislative bodies (County Commission and governing bodies) based on the budgets they pass to fund programs and services.

Contrary to popular belief, the Property Assessor does not set the tax rate, does not send out tax bills, and does not collect property taxes.

The County Trustee is responsible for using that tax rate and the tax roll from the Assessor’s office to create and send out tax bills to all county property owners. The Trustee is also responsible for collecting county property taxes.

2018 Property Tax Rates

Area City County Total
County Only $0.00 $2.15 $2.15
Franklin Only (not in FSSD) $0.4176 $2.09 $2.5076
Franklin / FSSD $0.4176 $2.739     SSD .8290 
                CO 1.91 
Ninth / Outside $0.00 $2.799     SSD .8290
                 CO 1.97
Brentwood $0.36 $2.15 $2.51
Fairview $0.8765 $2.15 $3.0265
Nolensville $0.15 $2.15 $2.30
Spring Hill $0.6569 $2.09 $2.7469
Thompson's Station $0.103 $2.15 $2.253
Note: Rates are per $100.00 assessed property valuation

Contact Information
The Williamson County Trustee ( collects property taxes for Williamson County, the Franklin Special School District and the cities of Brentwood, Franklin ,Thompson's Station and Nolensville. City taxes for Fairview and Spring Hill are collected by the cities themselves. All other city taxes are collected by the cities themselves. Contact your city government for tax collection information if you are a resident of Spring Hill or Fairview.