smaller_quilt photo.jpgThe Williamson County Archives museum includes a series of showcases of Williamson County history beginning with Native American artifacts, long hunters, the formation of the county, the partitioning of the Town of Franklin, and further on until present day.

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The military section of the museum pays tribute to the many county residents who have served during wartime. Donated by collectors and family members, priceless items include a drum used in the War of 1812, numerous Civil War swords and firearms, German helmets and an extensive uniform collection. Family photographs and other personal items provide a greater appreciation for the many sacrifices and struggles of past generations.

One room cabin Wm. Co. Museum.jpgDonations
  • Country Kitchen
  • County Musicians
  • Moonshine Still
  • Old School Room
  • Quilting
  • Sewing Room
  • Wash Day
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At this time, the Williamson County Archives and Museum accepts items that are representative of the county's residents and history.