1. Animal Center

    Learn about the Animal Center in Williamson County.

  2. Archives & Museum

    The Williamson County Archives was created in 1993 by the Williamson County Commission to serve as a repository for all official records of Williamson County, though its treasures extend well beyond that.

  3. Agricultural Extension Office

    UT Extension serves the citizens of Williamson County with educational programs in the areas of Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences, Community Resource Development, and 4-H Youth Development.

  4. AgExpo Park

    Gather information about the Ag Expo Park.

  5. Benefits

    The Benefits Department administers health benefits for Williamson County Government and Board of Education employees, retirees and eligible dependents.

  6. Budget & Purchasing

    The Department of Budget & Purchasing is responsible for managing the County's Annual Budget, purchasing and inventory control, payroll, and general fund accounting.

  7. Building Codes

    The Building Codes Division plays an integral role in maintaining the quality of construction in Williamson County, while assisting builders, and the general public in negotiating the adopted codes, other regulations and procedures, to the mutual benefit of both.

  8. Codes Compliance

    The Codes Compliance Department is the enforcement branch for zoning in the unincorporated areas of the county, it addresses complaints and issues associated with land uses that are regulated by the Williamson County Zoning Ordinance.

  9. County Clerk

    The County Clerk has many important functions within the county government.

  10. Community Development

    The Community Development Division is responsible for ensuring that property development within the unincorporated county occurs in a manner that attempts to preserve the character of the essentially rural community, while accommodating record growth.

  11. Court System

    Tennessee’s trial courts include Chancery, Criminal, Circuit, and Probate Courts. Currently there are 142 trial and three probate judges within 31 judicial districts in Tennessee.

  12. Election Commission

    The Administrator of elections is appointed by the Election Commission and is responsible for organizing all matters related to local elections in the county, including voter and candidate registration, conducting the elections, and tallying the vote.

  13. Emergency Services

    The mission of the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency is to develop and implement a comprehensive, integrated emergency management program.

  14. Engineering

    The Engineering Division is an integral part of the Community Development team. Engineering works to maintain the quality of development in Williamson County while assisting developers and the general public in interpreting development regulations and implementing associated requirements.

  15. Highway Department

    The County Highway Commission recommends the annual road list, proposes the annual budget for the Highway Department, and is responsible for acquisition of land necessary for roadways and bridges.

  16. Health Department

    The Williamson County Health Department has two locations, in Franklin and Fairview.

  17. Human Resources

    The Williamson County Department of Human Resources is responsible for employment policies, records and applications.

  18. Information Technology

    Williamson County's Department of Information Technology (IT) is responsible for managing the county's computer technology functions, including networking, Application development, technology purchasing, GIS & Mapping, and website development and maintenance.

  19. Library

    The Williamson County Public Library System seeks to meet the recreational, educational, and information needs of county patrons.

  20. Medical Center

    Learn about the medical services at Williamson Medical Center.

  21. Parks & Recreation

    Find information on the activities, classes and special events of the Williamson County Parks and Recreation Department; as well as a list of facilities and inclement weather updates.

  22. Planning & Zoning

    Gather information on Williamson County planning and zoning.

  23. Property Management

    The Property Management Department deals with property owned by the county excluding schools.

  24. Risk Management

    The Risk Management Division is responsible for the coordinated effort, using all available methods, to control accidental losses.

  25. Sewage Disposal

    The Department of Sewage Disposal Management is charged with the task of ensuring that the laws of Williamson County regarding the use and placement of individual, onsite septic tanks, and sewage disposal systems.

  26. Solid Waste Management

    Our mission is to have a comprehensive, innovative, countywide solid waste management system that is flexible, sustainable, coordinated and built on a foundation of sound environmental principles with collaboration of county departments and municipalities.

  27. Veteran's Services

  28. WC-TV

    View the WC-TV Channel to learn more about Williamson County.