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1. Where are you located?
2. How do I find out information on an inmate in your facility?
3. When will an inmate get released?
4. Can we deliver a message to an inmate?
5. Can I bring in an inmate’s prescribed medication?
6. How do I place money on an inmate’s Commissary account?
7. Can I find out how much money an inmate has on his/her account?
8. Can I bring in Food or Clothing for an inmate?
9. How do I put money on or set up an inmate phone account?
10. When can I visit an Inmate, how many people can visit, how many visits can an inmate have in a day, when should I arrive, and what do I need?
11. If a person held in the facility requires a bail bondsman to post bond what do we do?
12. I want to do a cash bond for an inmate, what do I need to do?
13. If I am surrendering myself to do jail time, what can I bring into the jail with me?