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This page is designed to provide helpful resources and answers on some of the more frequently asked questions.  The following documents are available for review by clicking on the corresponding link on the left-hand side of the page.

Administrative Manual

The Williamson County Administrative Manual is a one-stop document created to assist developers, investors, and concerned citizens in navigating the various planning documents and procedures applicable to new development in the Unincorporated County. The manual is structured to provide easy access to information including, but not limited to:

    • Community Development Documents At-A-Glance
    • Reviewing Bodies
    • Review Procedures
    • Applicable Fees
    • Project Checklists

Please note that the Administrative Manual is an evolving document that is subject to change.  As such, please contact the Planning Department for information on pending amendments or updates.

Application Fees & Checklists

A listing of applicable fees and project review checklists can be found in the Appendices of the Administrative Manual.  For quick reference, these documents can also be found below.

    • Application Fees
    • Site Plan Checklist
    • Minor Subdivision Checklist
    • Concept Plan Checklist
    • Preliminary Plat Checklist
    • Final Plat Checklist
    • Large Lot Easement Subdivision Checklist
    • Minor Revision Checklist

Please note that the the above documents are subject to change.  As such, please contact the Planning Department for information on pending amendments or updates.

Permit Requirements

Depending on the project, a number of documents may or may not be required by the applicant.  A listing of these documents is available on the Permitting Page along with an outline of the various requirements for specific project types.  

Below are the documents required to begin all building projects requiring permit.

    • Zoning Certificate (filled out in office)
    • Application for Building Permit
    • Storm Water Guidelines
    • Site Plan (depicting locating of new structure, distances to all property boundaries, and dimensions new construction)
    • Building Plans (floor plans, elevations, and framing details)

We encourage you to contact the following Departments to ensure that your project submittal meets requirements:
    • Planning - 615-790-5725
    • Building Codes - 615-790-5718
    • Sewage Disposal Management - 615-790-5751
    • Engineering - 615-790-5809


At times projects may be unable to meet the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance for various reasons. The variance process is intended to provide limited relief from these requirements in cases where strict application of a particular requirement will create an unnecessary hardship prohibiting the use of land in a manner otherwise allowed under the Ordinance.  

It is not intended that variances be granted to remove inconveniences or financial burdens that the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance may impose on property owners in general.  If you believe you may qualify for a variance, you are encouraged to contact the Department of Codes Compliance, who can assess your individual project against variance requirements.

Department of Codes Compliance

Swimming Pool Regulations

This informational pamphlet is available for those considering the addition of a swimming pool to their property.  Basics on permitting, fencing requirements, and the approval process are all included in this quick reference guide from the Community Development Department.

Swimming Pool Regulations Pamphlet