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Volunteer Cleanup Spotlight
Rotary Club of Brentwood
Brentwood Rotary 2 1-31-15.jpg

On Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015 the Rotary Club of Brentwood rallied a record number of 101 volunteers to collect 2,750 pounds of trash along the 22 miles of the Little Harpeth River's banks!

Fabulous work Brentwood Rotary Club! Thank you for your partnership & dedication to keeping Williamson County clean, green and beautiful!

Click here to see the news story on the event. Click here to see our Facebook post and more photos from the event.

Trashercise with Friends of the Fork, Inc
Friends of the Fork Cleanup 4-18-15.jpg

Friends of the Fork, Inc held another Trashercise event this April 2015! The group's 15 volunteers cleaned up 82 bags of litter from 4 miles of Leiper's Fork! We deeply appreciate this passionate group of volunteers helping us keep Williamson County beautiful on a regular basis!

To trashercise is to exercise while picking up litter; it is a lifestyle!

Click here to check out the event photos from the April 2015 trashercise event.

Click here for the news story on the April 2015 event.

Thank you also to the Williamson County Sheriff's Department for your assistance!

Fairview Area Chamber of Commerce
Fairview Chamber Litter Cleanup Group.jpg

Fairview Area Chamber of Commerce hosts semi-annual volunteer litter cleanups in the Fall and Spring of each year. Excellent work, Fairview Chamber!

Brentwood Woman's Club
BWC Cleanup 4-25-15.jpg

Brentwood Woman's Club holds volunteer cleanups several times a year! These ladies play a huge role in regular litter removal in Williamson County! Thank you for your service!

Rotary Club of Cool Springs

Rotary Club of Cool Springs hosts several volunteer cleanups every year in Williamson County! Thank you for your service!

Williamson County Engineering
Williamson Co Engineering Stream Cleanup 6-17-15 (2).jpg

Thank you to Williamson County Engineering volunteers and family members for helping us keep the Harpeth River beautiful and clean!

The People's Church
Peoples Church Cleanup 4-11-15 (2).jpg

Thank you to The People's Church volunteers for cleaning up Williamson County!

Girl Scouts Troop 1700
Girl Scouts Troop 1700 Leipers Fork Mini Clean-up (2) 7-26-2014.jpg

Girl Scouts Troop 1700 volunteers pick up litter and keep Williamson County beautiful!