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Youth Basketball
Youth Basketball Tournament Games Updates (Sat. March 7)
Please see the following list of games for the youth basketball tournament to be played on Saturday, March 7.  We will revise the all-county bracket after we have confirmation from locations for games next week:

Saturday, March 7
Bethesda Rec
10:00 AM (U8 Boys B) - SWA-  vs.  Nolensville-Nets
11:00 AM (U8 Boys B) - Beth-  vs.  EWA-Leftwich
12:00 PM (U8 Girls A) - EWA-Koss  vs.  GAA-Stars
1:00 PM (U8 Girls A) - Nolensville-Mystics  vs.  SWA-Headley
College Grove Rec
10:00 AM (U10 Boys A) - College Grove-Nelms  vs.  Nolensville-Heat
11:00 AM (U10 Boys A) - SWA-Reynolds  vs.  EWA-Edwards
12:00 PM (U10 Boys B) - GAA-Lakers  vs.  Nolesnville-Sixers
1:00 PM (U10 Boys B) - College Grove-Murray  vs.  Franklin-Chandler
2:00 PM (U10 Girls A) - Franklin-Cochran  vs.  GAA-Sun
3:00 PM (U10 Girls A) - College Grove-Walker  vs.  EWA-Johnson
Academy Park Ct. #1
9:00 AM (U10 Boys OPEN CH.) - Nolensville-Thunder  vs.  SWA-McLellan
10:15 AM (U12 Boys OPEN CH.) -  SWA-McLellan  vs.  SWA-Deyo
11:30 AM (U12 Girls REC CH.) - Bethesda-Thorne  vs.  EWA-Porter
12:30 PM (U12 Boys A) - Franklin-Krause  vs.  GAA-Mavericks
1:30 PM (U12 Boys A) - College Grove-O'Neal  vs.  EWA-Edkin
2:30 PM (U12 Boys B) - Franklin-Johnson  vs.  Bethesda-Poteete
3:30 PM (U12 Boys B) - EWA-Carlson  vs.  Hillsboro-Crafton
4:30 PM (U14 Boys A) - Bethesda-Smith  vs.  SWA-
5:30 PM (U14 Boys A) - Franklin-Hamilton  vs.  EWA-S.Smith
Academy Park Ct. #2
9:00 AM (U8 Boys A) - GAA-Lakers  vs.  Franklin-Chandler
10:00 AM (U8 Boys A) - Hillsboro-Osborne  vs.  College Grove-Wampler
11:00 AM (U8 Boys A) - Bethesda-  vs.  Nolensville-Warriors
12:00 PM (U8 Girls B) - GAA-Sun  vs.  College Grove-Blake
1:00 PM (U8 Girls B) - SWA-  vs.  Nolensville-Fever
2:00 PM (U8 Girls B) - Bethesda-Johnston  vs.  Hillsboro-Cantrell
3:00 PM (U10 Girls B) - GAA-Sky  vs.  Bethesda-Bethmann
4:00 PM (U10 Girls B) - SWA-  vs.  Franklin-Stiglets
5:00 PM (U10 Girls B) - EWA-Luteran  vs.  College Grove-Bosler
6:00 PM (U14 Boys B) - Franklin-Spears  vs.  Bethesda-Sisk

Youth Winter Basketball in Fairview

Registration: September 8 - October 4
Camp/draft days: Oct. 14th & 16th
Late Registration: October 6 - October 11th
Uniform Try-On Day: October 11th - 9:00 AM-2:45 PM at the Fairview Rec. Center
Practices Begin: Week of November 3rd
Games: Begin on December 6th and will be played at Westwood Elem, Fairview Rec. Ctr. and various gyms in Williamson County.
Cost: $65 Registration fee and $27 uniform fee

Franklin: for more information, contact: Hunter Eubanks at (615) 370-3471 ext. 2127 or Dani Mitchell ext. 2124

Fairview: for more information, contact: Ron Embry at (615) 799-9331 ext. 2314

Recreation Associations

For additional information on youth basketball in your community please check out the community rec associations links below:

  • Bethesda
  • College Grove
  • EWA
  • Grassland
  • South Williamson Athletics
  • Nolensville
  • Hillsboro