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Spring 2014 Adult Softball
Field Conditions

                              Tuesday, April 15 

                                 2pm update...

      All games at Granny White and Fieldstone Farms have been cancelled.


Chris Gravlee
Adult Sports Coordinator

Ph: (615) 370 3471
ext 2114
Fax: (615) 370 3474

Fieldstone Men's 4A       * UPDATED 4/8
Fieldstone Men's 3A       * UPDATED 4/8 
Granny White Men's 3A  * UPDATED 4/8

Fieldstone Church 4A 
Fieldstone Church 3A 
Granny White Men's 2A

Fieldstone Men's 2A 
Granny White Coed

Fieldstone Church 2A / A  * UPDATED 4/8

Fieldstone / Granny White Coed  * UPDATED 4/8

Fieldstone Men's 3A 
Granny White Coed 2A   * UPDATED 3/30
Granny White Coed A     * UPDATED 3/30
Bethesda Coed

Schedules will be updated after any cancellations due to weather / field conditions.  Be sure to check your email and this page for the most accurate and up to date schedules.


Spring Standings

Standings, thru 4/14/14


League Classifications
4A –  8 Home Run limit per game.  Our most competitive leagues.  
            HS / College / Tournament Baseball / Softball experience

3A –  4 Home Run limit per game.  High level of play.  
            HS / College Baseball / Softball experience

2A  – 3 Home Run limit per game.  Moderate level of play.  
            Recreational League.  HS Baseball / Softball experience

  A  – 1 Home Run limit per game.  Pure Fun / Recreational League.  
            Little or no baseball / softball experience

Coed Home Run Limits:
All Coed Leagues are limited to 3 Home Runs for men (unlimited for women).


Free Agents
   If you are new to the area, looking to join a team, looking to meet new people, or if you are just looking to have a little fun, please call me at 370-3471, ext 2114 or Email me.  I will add you to the Free Agent List that is distributed to all of the coaches.  I cannot guarantee that you will be contacted by any team, but I will do my best to get you on the field. 


Field Locations
Fieldstone Softball Complex
1377 Hillsboro Rd.
Franklin, TN 37064
Map (driving directions)

Granny White Park
Granny White Pike
Brentwood, TN 37027
Map (driving directions)
Fairview Ball Park
214 Hwy 96
Fairview, TN 37025
Map (driving directions)

Fly Park
3680 North Chapel Rd.
Franklin, TN 37064
Map (driving directions)