Building Codes


Starting Monday, May 1st, and continuing until further notice, Department of Building Codes office hours will be expanded to be open to the public on Monday through Friday , still by appointment only. As such, issuance of in-person permits and the in-person payment of fees associated with the Department of Building Codes (including Privilege Tax and Education Impact Fee) can only be done by appointment. Any business that can be conducted by phone, electronically, or by mail should be conducted in that manner rather than in person.

You may schedule an appointment by calling 615-790-5718, or by contacting the department via the internet at

Department employees will  be available by phone and e-mail. Department staff will continue to make site visits and perform inspections daily.

Office patrons may be asked to wait outside until a Staff member escorts you into the building. Members of the public are requested to wear courtesy masks when conducting business in the County facilities for their own safety and the safety of fellow citizens and our employees.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation


The Building Codes Division plays an integral role in maintaining the quality of construction in Williamson County, while assisting builders, and the general public in negotiating the adopted codes, other regulations and procedures, to the mutual benefit of both

Note:     NOTICE May 1, 2018

Until further notice, Williamson County Government will not be selling electrical permits.  Permits may be obtained at the following locations:

This department is responsible for support of the Board of Adjustments & Appeals and others in the routine processes of administering and interpreting the Southern Building Code.