Williamson Recycles

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New Holiday Hours 2022

Tis the Season... to Recycle!

Twas the day after Christmas, when all though the house... 

Were gift wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, and cards, 

Leftover food, shopping bags, and more!


The Christmas tree stood in the window.

Holiday greeting cards lay across the table.


What do we do with our leftovers this holiday season,

To keep from being wasteful beyond reason?


Why check out the Williamson Recycles holiday guide.

You can click here to view it now online!


Remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle during this holiday season.

And to you all, Williamson Recycles sends warm holiday greetings!

The Williamson County Landfill 

CANNOT accept rechargeable batteries. 

To protect the safety of our employees, customers, and environment, we kindly remind you to dispose of rechargeable batteries at an appropriate collection. 


Williamson Recycles is a public and private sector joint venture with the Landfill and Convenience Centers, in an effort to preserve the environment by making recycling an accessible and county-wide effort. Williamson Recycles serves as the education division of the Solid Waste Department.

Interested in volunteering with Williamson Recycles?

Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities with Williamson Recycles in the local schools!
Click here to visit The Keep Williamson Beautiful page to find out ways you can help.