County Clerk

Effective July 1, 2022, the state vehicle registration fee will be waived on renewals with an expiration date of 7/31/2022 thru 6/30/2023. If you are renewing a registration that expires in July 2022 or later, you must wait until AFTER June 30, 2022 to renew or you will not be eligible for the fee waiver.

The fees waived include:

$16.75 for Class A: motorcycles

$23.75 for Class B: passenger motor vehicles, motor homes

Not Included:

Electric vehicle registration fee, county fees, other specific fees.

***Please Note – The discount is given based on the date of expiration not on the date that the transaction occurs. For example, if a customer renews a plate with a 6/30/2022 expiration on 7/1/2022, they will pay the full price for the renewal this year and receive the discount when they renew next year.

Emissions testing requirements have been eliminated as of January 14, 2022. 

Marriage licenses ---  Please fill out the marriage license application online prior to coming into the office. (You will need to select Williamson County.)

Motor Vehicle Renewal Options

By Mail:
Williamson County Clerk
  P.O. Box 624
   Franklin, TN 37065

Online: You will need to click on the tab marked Williamson County.

Kiosks: Renewal Kiosks are available at the following Rec Centers; Brentwood, Fairview, Franklin, Nolensville and Longview and the lobby of The Administrative Office Complex (AOC) . Please check with centers regarding their hours of operation.

  Any renewal past 90 days must be done in the office or by mail.

* The health of Williamson County citizens is a primary concern of Williamson County Government and the County Clerk’s Office. In accordance with the recommendation from the CDC to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus, the County Clerk’s Office will only be permitting ten (10) individuals to enter the County Clerk’s office at one time.

* Individuals waiting for entry are encouraged to adhere to the recommended 6-foot social distancing rule.

Responsibilities & Services

The Williamson County Clerk is a Tennessee constitutionally elected official who serves the residents of Williamson County for a four-year term. The County Clerk has many important functions, such as:

·        County Commission Meeting Duties

o   Prepare Commission Meeting packets

o   Advertise and send required notices for Meetings and Resolutions

o   Record and Maintain County Commission meeting minutes

·        Issue New County Business Licenses

·        Collect Hotel/Motel and Short Term Rental Property Taxes

·        Collect Cable/Franchise Taxes

·        Beer Board Duties

o   Advertise and send required notices for Meetings and Resolutions

o   Record and Maintain Beer Board meeting minutes

o   Issue county beer permits

·        Collect Beer Tax

·        Issue and Maintain Marriage Licenses

·        Maintain Records of various Utility Districts throughout the county

·        Notaries

·        Making required Records available to the public

o   County Commission Meeting Packets and Minutes

o   Beer Board Meeting Minutes

o   Marriage Licenses

o   Utility Information

o   Non-Profit Organization Audits

o   Notaries

·        Process Motor Vehicle Titles and Registrations

*All Motor Vehicle Registrations are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the TN Department of Revenue

o   Title and Register vehicles purchased from dealerships and individuals

o   Register vehicles for New Residents or Those Relocating to Williamson County

o   Collect applicable Sales Tax

·        Issue Duplicate Titles

·        Renew Motor Vehicle Licenses

o   In Office

o   Online –

o   By Mail

o   Kiosks – Brentwood, Fairview, Franklin, Nolensville & Spring Hill

·        Initial Registration of Boats and Personal Watercrafts

o   Register watercraft purchased from dealerships and individuals

o   Register watercraft for New Residents or Those Relocating to Williamson County

o   Collect applicable Sales Tax

·        Issue Handicap License Plates and Placards

·        Renew Handicap License Plates and Placards

o   In Office

o   By Mail

o   Online -