Emergency Communications

The Williamson County Department of Emergency Communications calms chaos, provides clarity to confusion, and restores order to disorder.

Emergency Communications serves fourteen various departments including law enforcement, full-time and volunteer fire services, emergency medical services, and emergency management. They answer 9-1-1 and administrative phone calls for all departments, relaying calls to responders and coordinating incidents through recovery.

The 9-1-1 center, overlooking the EOC.

The department serves unincorporated Williamson County, the Town of Nolensville, Thompsons Station, City of Spring Hill, City of Franklin, and City of Fairview. Within these jurisdictions, the department supports 5 law enforcement (Spring Hill Police, Franklin Police, Sheriff’s Office, Nolensville Police, and Fairview Police), 7 fire (Spring Hill Fire, Franklin Fire, Williamson Fire-Rescue, Williamson Rescue Squad, Nolensville Fire, Arrington Fire, and Fairview Fire), and  1 emergency medical department (Williamson Emergency Medical Services).