Fire Districts

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County fire service is divided among fourteen fire stations throughout the rural areas of Williamson County. Some stations are grouped under a single non-profit fire organization, while other non-profit organizations are responsible for only one station.

Each district is graded by ISO (Insurance Services Organization), an organization owned by a collective of various Insurance Corporations. ISO provides a non-biased grade on the delivery of fire protection to a given area, thereby providing a scale for home owner’s insurance ratings. The scale is called a Public Protection Class (PPC) and is graded 1-10; 1 signifying the very best fire protection availability during the grading period.

Use the Williamson Fire Districts Map to find out which fire service or district provides service to your residence or place of business.

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Logos of the four volunteer fire departments.
Departments Stations
Williamson Fire-Rescue Station 15
6997 Giles Hill Rd.
College Grove, TN 37046
  Station 17
4911 Bethesda Rd.
Thompson Station, TN 37179
  Station 18
6600 Depot St.
College Grove, TN 37046
  Station 28
4950 Harpeth Peytonsville Rd.
Thompson's Station, TN 37179
Williamson County Rescue Squad
Station 12
4321 Carothers Pkwy
Franklin, TN 37067
  Station 14
405 Downs Blvd
Franklin, TN 37064
  Station 21
5404 Pinewood Rd.
Franklin, TN 37064
  Station 22
1493 Sneed Rd.
Franklin, TN 37069
  Station 23
1515 Thompson's Station Rd. W
Thompson's Station, TN 37179
   Station 24
2646 Goose Creek Bypass
Franklin, TN 37064
  Station 30
7510 Pinewood Rd.
Primm Springs, TN 38476
  Station 35
1325 Highway 96 N
Fairview, TN 37062
Nolensville Fire Station 16
7347 Nolensville Rd
Nolensville, TN 37135
Arrington Volunteer Fire Station 19
4792 Murfreesboro Rd
Arrington, TN 37014