The Alternative Learning Center is a collaborative effort between Williamson CountySchoolsFranklin Special School District, and Williamson County Juvenile Services, in partnership with parents and students. 

Students are placed at the ALC in an attempt to restructure their school experience. ALC teachers and students work together to maintain or excel in curricular expectations, and all students participate in a strict behavioral ALC Level System.

Their stay at the ALC will hopefully help them learn new ways of facing their struggles and assist them in developing alternative methods of dealing with disappointment, academic difficulties, and the decisions all teenagers face during adolescence. This is an opportunity to begin to look at things differently and with more confidence.

Our ultimate goal is to return the student to their regular school program, having made academic progress, and developed a better frame of reference for decision making. We work together to direct the student's academics and behavior through the ALC Level System, Rules, and Procedures.

We have a dedicated staff consisting of fully accredited administration, counselors, and teachers who will work with your child at the ALC. All staff members are carefully chosen, and demonstrate a desire to work with students who require more specific direction, support, and academic instruction.

Teachers are available during their planning times or after school to answer your questions, or to give you feedback on your child's progress. Administration and Counselors can be reached during the school day by email or telephone.

As your child returns to their home school, our Transition Coordinator will continue to provide support as your student reacquaints themself with the school's requirements.

We all hope your experience with the ALC will be a positive one, and one that will help you and your child shape your future into a more productive direction.