Circuit Court Clerk


The Circuit Court Clerk and General Sessions Court Clerk are required by statute to:

 Attend Court
  • Enter the minutes of the court
  • File and enter all documents, pleadings, papers and exhibits
  • Invest funds under the Clerk’s control
  • Keep rule and execution dockets
  • Perform all other duties as required by law

The Circuit Court Clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining all records in the Williamson County Circuit and General Sessions Court.

Circuit Civil Court is responsible for lawsuits in excess of $25,000.00, Divorces, Name Changes and Condemnations, Trial Dockets, Appeals from lower courts, and Appeals to the Court of Appeals.

Circuit Criminal Court is responsible for the coordination of the Grand Jury, the Grand Jury Indictments of Williamson County, Trial Dockets, Appeals from lower Courts, Appeals and transfers from Juvenile Court, Appeals to the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

General Sessions Civil Court is responsible for all small claims lawsuits under $25,000.00.  This office handles the issuance of subpoenas, detainer warrants, writs of possession, etc.    

General Sessions Criminal/Traffic Court is responsible for criminal warrants  and traffic tickets that are issued by TN State Troopers or the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.  This office handles the Court Dockets and is also responsible for the issuance of subpoenas, re-arrests, scire facisa, etc.
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