WC-TV Sports Programming

WC-TV provides sports coverage for Williamson County through our “Game of the Week”. The “Game of the Week” highlights the athletic programs in our high schools by traveling around the county in our WC-TV production van and covering a weekly sporting event. 

2019 WC-TV Football "Game of the Week" Schedule: 
  • TBA
After a "Game of the Week" is recorded, it typically airs on:
  • Friday Night - 12am (midnight)
  • Saturday & Sunday - 10am & 6pm
  • Wednesday - 9am, 2pm & 7pm

We also enjoy broadcasting sporting events throughout the year that have been covered by the media production classes at each high school. 

Our other form of sports programming comes from replaying some of the more memorable games that we have covered in years past. We call these games WC-TV “Sports Classics”.
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