Spatial Data Management

GIS Development
GIS Development refers to the lengthy process of creating layers of spatial data that can later be used for analysis or querying.

GIS Administration
GIS Administration refers to the process of maintaining the spatial databases, which is the layers of map data, such as parcels or centerlines.

Assessment Mapping Support
Assessment Mapping Support refers to the assistance and troubleshooting devoted to the Property Assessor's Mapping Division.

Map Development
Map Development includes pulling together layers of digital data into maps, such as the county Road Map or Zoning Map.
Map Production
Map Production is the follow-up to map development and refers to the actually printing of paper maps for resale or distribution to county agencies.

Spatial Analysis
Spatial Analysis is one of the ultimate uses of a GIS system, and includes linking spatial and tabular data for projects such as redistricting the schools, which involves linking the student database to the county map and school districts.

E-911 Addressing
E-911 addressing involves assigning all street addresses for the unincorporated area of the county and maintaining an address database.