Plant Native Species

Wondering why you should plant native species?

GroWild Native Plants

It's simple... because they work!

Easier care and lower-maintenance landscape

Native plants are already adapted to the environment and its climate, soil, pests, and diseases. This oftentimes means that native plants require less attention and spraying from you!

Ethical choice

Many exotic plants you know and love are overgrown, which "overwhelms" native species of plants and "unfavorably alters" habitat for insects and animals. By planting native species, you are not contributing to the problem and you are supporting your local ecosystem.


"Native plants give your landscape a unique sense of place." Let's show off our beautiful native plants in Williamson County!

Click here for more information on native plants via GroWild , a native plants nursery in Williamson County!

National Planting Day

Keep Williamson Beautiful participates in Keep America Beautiful's National Planting Day program every Fall.

Interested in hosting a National Planting Day event with Keep Williamson Beautiful?

We want to partner with you too! Contact Keep Williamson Beautiful Director Jennifer Gosciniak Stanley at or call (615) 786-0166 for more information.