Williamson County Opioid Task Force

Announcement of Funding - Community Grants  Opioid Task Force
Completed Proposals Due: September 29, 2023  

The Williamson County (WC) Opioid Task Force is requesting proposals for Community Grants from organizations located in Tennessee to implement opioid abatement remediation strategies.  These strategies include Primary Prevention, Harm Reduction, Treatment, Recovery Support, Education & Training for Research  or other strategies for people living in Williamson County.   

 Community Grants made from this Announcement of Funding (AOF) are funded from the Tennessee Opioid Abatement Trust Fund. Tennessee Code Annotated, § 33-11-103(p) states that 65% of the Trust Fund shall be disbursed for statewide, regional, or local opioid abatement and remediation purposes.  Opioid funds shall not be used to provide payouts to individuals for financial relief nor on past projects.  

Approximately $1.1M is currently available in funding for allocation for Community Grants. 

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 Email questions to  opioidtaskforce@williamsoncounty-tn.gov